ADA Protection: California Access Specialist (CASp) Certified Inspections.

Can You afford an ADA Lawsuit?

Nearly half of all ADA lawsuits filed in the United States are filed in California! Thousands of businesses are being blindsided, some bankrupted (link), by lawsuits under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (link), which prohibits discrimination against disabled individuals. ADA is a good law but some are manipulating it for personal profit. One violation (e.g. a parking space 1 inch too small) found by these “drive-by” litigants can virtually guarantee an award or settlement of $4,000 to $40,000.00 plus attorney’s fees! This is the best way to be protected!

California Senate Bill 1608, (link) implemented in 2008, created an unprecedented way for business owners protect themselves through the Certified Access Specialist Program (CASp) (link). Once a CASp inspection report and remediation plan is complete, an official certificate (link) is prominently placed at the business location. This certificate communicates to these opportunists that compliance with the CASp program has been accomplished and the business owners have effective defenses for their establishment.


“I did not know” is not an excuse.

Certified Access Specialist program (CASp)The law does not require immediate remediation. The ADA and California law only requires owner/tenants to remove barriers that are "readily achievable." It allows these businesses to correct violations over time, in a way that does not cause "unreasonable hardship." Our CASp certified inspectors will develop a remediation plan to assure compliance with all state and federal accessibility laws.


Federal Tax Incentives available

Federal Tax IncentivesEligible small businesses may take a credit of up to $5,000 (half of eligible expenses up to $10,250, with no credit for the first $250) to offset their costs for access, including barrier removal from their facilities (e.g., widening a doorway, installing a ramp), or provision of accessibility services (including the cost of CASp inspection services!)


Don’t Let this happen to you!

Follow the stories below to meet some of the “serial litigants”
and see firsthand the financial ruin these lawsuits cause!

News video: Illegal alien, felon targets 500+ SoCal businesses
Outrage: Illegal Alien Felon Makes 'Living' Filing Hundreds of Frivolous Lawsuits (under ADA). Click play to watch video.



Time Magazine explores So Cal serial litigant Jared Molski “The Sheriff”
ADA, Can You afford an ADA Lawsuit?
Jarek Molski, 38, is a bit of a legend in legal circles. Disabled in a 1985 motorcycle accident that left him a paraplegic, he has filed 400 lawsuits against businesses under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), alleging access violations...

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Scott Johnson has filed more than 2000 California ADA lawsuits

Local business leaders learn to address deluge of disability lawsuitsSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — It's a letter so unassuming, most recipients throw it away. But the letter from Carmichael, Calif. attorney Scott Johnson could have expensive consequences for South Lake Tahoe property and business owners. The letter typically states...
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ADA Protection: California Access Specialist (CASp) Certified Inspections Serving all of Southern California.



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